Liquid Fish Fertiliser

Pure Fish Liquid Fertiliser

  • 100% Pure ocean fish fertiliser
  • Significantly increases soil biology and crop health
  • Contains highly soluble protein nitrogen level
  • Provides a healthy balance of all 18 essential minerals
  • Developed by CSIRO
  • Certified Organic 3418M

Available in drums of:

  • 20 litres
  • 200 litres
  • 1000 litres
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Excel Crop Liquid Fish hydrolysate is an all organic, highly nutritional fish Fertiliser for plants. It is made from only the freshest ocean fish. We have perfected our organic liquid fish Fertiliser for organic production as well as conventional growers. Our fish Fertiliser is NOT fish emulsion Fertiliser! It is a fish hydrolysate made by utilising naturally occurring enzymes and cold water processing. This naturally breaks down the fish frames and produces the worlds finest liquid fish Fertiliser.

Excel Crop fish Fertiliser is excellent source of nutrition for soils and plants as fish contains the full spectrum of nutrients found in the planets waters. Plants rapidly respond to and grow vigorously when regularly fertilised with Excel Crop.

Excel Crop fish Fertiliser contains significant quantities of protein nitrogen as well as a healthy balance of all 18 nutrients known to be beneficial for crop growth. All of these mineral nutrients are in protein chelated forms which are usable by the crops and are resistant to loss from leaching. Fish also contain more than 60 other trace minerals which have positive effects on soil biology and crop health. Fish based proteins and other nutrients are rapidly assimilated by crops when applied via the foliage or through irrigation. The nutrients in fish are a quick and direct stimulant to the plants roots and leaves. Fish applications can rapidly improve crop fertility in virtually all situations.

Additionally, fish provides both immediate Fertiliser response as well as longer lasting fertility affect for later in the crops growth. The balanced, moderate levels of nutrients in Excel Crop Fertiliser provide a broad spectrum of fertility without the problems associated with excess application of any one nutrient.This balance helps to provide full spectrum fertility without excess of nitrogen, and reduces problems with pests and diseases while suppling a fertility boost, increased plant growth and vigour. A significant additional benefit of Excel Crop fish Fertiliser is the dramatic stimulation to the soils beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi which consume, digest and release the abundant nutrients in the fish when it is applied to the soil. Excel Crop products can make a significant contribution to the overall health of the soil and crop while at the same time stimulating the biological activity in the soil, thus improving the quality of the soil for many years to come.


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