Why do cows die suddenly? 5 Causes of Sudden Death in cows.

1. Anaplasmosis

This is a disease in which the red blood cells of cattle get affected and it is caused by the parasites. The cattle infected will become anemic, feverish and if persists may lead to death. The most important symptom you will notice is tiredness. If you notice such abnormalities, just check the mucous membranes and see if they are pale. Mainly the adults are affected by this disease. Immediately test their blood and consult with the veterinarian so that it doesn't spread on other cattle in the herd.

2. Blue Green Algae Toxicity:

Blue green algae are prone when there is occurrence of low rainfall as this is the ideal environment for the blue green algae to bloom. Algae or cyanobactors produces toxins. Some toxins are really harmful and attacks quickly. An animal can die shortly after they drink that water. If you find any dead livestock or other animals dead near the water area, then you can be almost sure about the fact. During the summer months, dead animals get decomposed quickly. Frankly speaking that the cyanobactors can also be harmful for the humans and other pets also. So that toxic water should be avoided by all. You can also test the water in any lab to become sure about the matter.

3. Perilla Mint

During the late summer and the early fall period you will see perilla mint plants everywhere around you. Cows really love to eat plants and that's the reason of this attack. Actually if any cow eats large amount of Perilla Mint may suffer from asthma and other respiratory attacks. They will face problems in breathing and may die very soon. In such case you will find that the mucous membranes are turning blue because of the lack of oxygen. There are various treatments in this case but actually it should be diagnosed at the right time as early as possible. Anti-inflammatory and steroids are used to normalize the breathing procedures. Antibiotics are not at all effective in this case because it is not an infection.

4. Nitrates

There are various plants that accumulate nitrates. So if there are such plants in your fields keep this point in the back of your mind. Application of 2-4 D, recent fertilization, Drought and sulfur deficient soil is the main causes of risk for plants to accumulate nitrates. You should know that most animals succumb to nitrates before they can be treated but IV Methylene Blue or Fish tank treatment is the best one.

5. Prussic Acid

Prussic acid attack is also a very common cause related to the sudden deaths in cows. Normally we think about this poisoning after the frost but the same plants that accumulate nitrates can also have prussic acids. Normally the plants sprayed with herbicide or stressed due to drought, forms prussic acid on their leaves and stem. The treatment in this case is totally different as in case of nitrate toxicity but animals mainly die sooner for treatment to be effective. So just be careful about the attack and if you notice any abnormalities just immediately rush to any veterinarian for proper treatment.


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