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What causes Bovine Respiratory Disease?

BRD is defined as a "disease complex" or a complex multi-factorial disease as it involves an interaction between several factors - Host factors, or characteristics that make the animal more susceptible to the disease: age, immune status, prior exposure to the pathogens, ...
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Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD)

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is one of the most common and costly causes of illness and death in Australian cattle. BRD is a general term for any respiratory disease in cattle that affects the lower or upper respiratory tract. BRD is commonly associated with infections o...
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Following on from our discussion last week as to what bovine tuberculosis is, today we look at further diagnosis, treatment and management. While bovine TB generally takes a chronic debilitating course, it can be more severe and rapidly progressive. Although there are sev...
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What is Bovine Tuberculosis?

The bad news is that it is subtle and deadly, the good news is that Australia has officially been declared clear of it since 1997. So, what exactly is Bovine Tuberculosis? Bovine Tuberculosis or Bovine TB is a chronic, contagious and slow-growing disease caused by the bacter...
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Bovine Johne’s Disease

Are your cattle wasting away, suffering bottle jaw or diarrhoea? These are all common symptoms of Bovine Johne's Disease. Bovine Johne's Disease or BJD, is generally described as a chronic wasting disease that causes the condition of livestock including cattle and in par...
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1. Anaplasmosis

This is a disease in which the red blood cells of cattle get affected and it is caused by the parasites. The cattle infected will become anemic, feverish and if persists may lead to death. The most important symptom you will notice is tiredness. If you notice such abnormal...
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