Bovine Johne’s Disease

Are your cattle wasting away, suffering bottle jaw or diarrhoea? These are all common symptoms of Bovine Johne's Disease. Bovine Johne's Disease or BJD, is generally described as a chronic wasting disease that causes the condition of livestock including cattle and in par...
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What is White Muscle Disease?

White muscle disease is a myodegenerative disorder of cattle, known as nutritional myopathy of calves, is normally is seen in young calves and is related to deficiencies of selenium and/or vitamin E. White muscle disease may present itself in two forms; 1. A congenital form ...
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Cattle export statistics

November 21, 2016

Cattle Statistics

In 2014 Australia's export of live beef cattle for feeder, slaughter and breeding purposes totalled 1,294,036 head and were valued at A$1.294 billion FOB. Indonesia was the largest market taking 730,257 head which accounted for 56% of the total of Australia's cattle expor...
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